Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

So I get it! Time is not on my side. All we have is the here and now! I started really examining what that means to me. What it means is, there is not enough time in a day to do everything on my honey do list. So why not do the more important things first and whatever is left will get done when it gets done. I say that to say stop stressing over things you can not do and do the things you can.

My stress level has been so high lately because, I want to controll everything that happens in my life. So one day I took a step back to just see what would happen if I didn’t complete my honey do list. Guess what happen? Nothing, but I can tell you this much, I was not as exaulted as I normally would be. I was more rested the next day and I felt stress free.

I started reflecting on the day’s events and identifing stressors. Before bed, I jotted down what fueled my stressors, how I felt emotionally and physically. How I handled the stress and how I can improve upon my reactions. The more I jotted down the more releif I began to feel. Eventually this helped me identify patterns and common themes. It helped me get a better handle on my stress.

Talking about a life style change. I never want to go back to the way things use to be. Yes, this was definitely and eye opener. Stress less to live more.

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