All Things New

All Things New is a blog that I started because there was a great need for change in my life. They say “You can’t teach a old dog new tricks” but I find that hard to believe. I started thinking that there has to be others out there who’s thoughts are the same as mine . I’m talking about from the way we see ourselves when look in the mirror to the way we expand or limit our thinking. There is so much more to life than just working and take care of the kids. Make time for you! You are special too and life gets a little better each day when you can take a moment for yourself and just breathe.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

So I get it! Time is not on my side. All we have is the here and now! I started really examining what that means to me. What it means is, there is not enough time in a day to do everything on my honey do list. So why not do the more important things first and whatever is left will get done when it gets done. I say that to say stop stressing over things you can not do and do the things you can.

My stress level has been so high lately because, I want to controll everything that happens in my life. So one day I took a step back to just see what would happen if I didn’t complete my honey do list. Guess what happen? Nothing, but I can tell you this much, I was not as exaulted as I normally would be. I was more rested the next day and I felt stress free.

I started reflecting on the day’s events and identifing stressors. Before bed, I jotted down what fueled my stressors, how I felt emotionally and physically. How I handled the stress and how I can improve upon my reactions. The more I jotted down the more releif I began to feel. Eventually this helped me identify patterns and common themes. It helped me get a better handle on my stress.

Talking about a life style change. I never want to go back to the way things use to be. Yes, this was definitely and eye opener. Stress less to live more.